Green And Environmentally Friendly Regeneration Cycle
Qinghua's green, environmentally friendly and renewable resource recycling business helps with "low-carbon and environmental protection";
High End Vacuum Molding Design And Manufacturing
Provide a systematic production and manufacturing solution that integrates the design, research and development, production and processing, and cleaning of blister tray products for the electronic manufacturing industry;
Third Party Testing Services
The professional technical team works together to quickly respond and reduce customer costs while ensuring timely delivery of orders, establishing a good reputation and reputation;
Maintenance Services In The Microelectronics Industry
The service concept of standardization+specialization+process+standardization+sustainability, providing services that exceed customer expectations, and implementing the Mingtejia digital service system to reshape new competitive advantages;
Outsourcing Services For Production And Manufacturing
Creatively breaking down traditional industry boundaries, highlighting low-cost and high-efficiency management advantages, forming cross industry alliances, and increasing long-term strategic partnerships;
Internet Sharing Economy Platform
The popularization of big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence has entered the era of flexible employment, and the "Yijiaxin" shared economy intelligent comprehensive service platform has been launched;
International Education
The launch of a one-stop service platform for "Golf+Fitness+TOEFL/IELTS" dual eugenics education, integrating into a global perspective, and opening up the exploration of internationalization and globalization of high-end education;
Bu Business Center
Focusing on the global industrial layout, relying on the rich data and resources accumulated by Mingtejia, we will create a high-level resource allocation ecological chain, coordinate the development of upstream and downstream enterprises, and integrate and build together;
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